Creamy Tahini & Maple Pudding

So I’m making this ahead of Valentine’s Day… which I encourage people to celebrate in a multitude of ways, and especially through the medium of sharing food. Do pasta with your significant other/s, order a pizza with your best friend, take your grandma out for tea, share some chips with your dog. It doesn’t matter how you do it, what matters is them good vibes; so this dessert serves two, as it should, because even if you spend Valentine’s Day alone this year, you should probably have two desserts next week just to make sure that you’ve proven your love to yourself if not anyone else. It’s pretty high protein too, so, I don’t know, maybe eat it to show a little love to your biceps.

This pudding is a bit of a variation on my Chocolate Tofu Pudding, which also uses silken tofu and reduced fat, higher protein coconut milk (Alpro Coconut Cuisine) as a base. However, due to the addition of liquid ingredients instead of powdered to this dessert, the texture is much less airy and much more creamy- which isn’t a bad thing. I don’t discriminate with my desserts.


1 Pack Silken Tofu (I use Yutaka, 349g to be exact)
50ml Alpro Coconut Cuisine (can sub for regular coconut milk or cream but do adjust calories/macros accordingly.)
45g Maple Syrup
60g Light Tahini (the 100% sesame seeds kind, none of that lemony, added-nonsense stuff.)


1. Are you ready for how easy this is? Bung it all in a blender. Blend until smooth. Serve into receptacle of your choice, top with whatever you please (I went for flaked almonds), chill until cold, and serve. Bob’s your auntie. Serves 2 because dessert is a wholesome experience. Get that creamy goodness in your bod.

Per Serving:

383 Calories
18g Protein
24.9g Fat
20.3g Carbs


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