Christmas Cake Granola

So I get unreasonably, inappropriately hyped about Christmas every year. I compulsively buy an excess of presents, wrap tinsel around every object I can find, and (most importantly) eat a phenomenal amount of food. I have cheat days two times a year- on my birthday in August, and on Christmas Day. I go hard on the food.

However, this recipe is intended for the days preceding and proceeding this food-a-thon. 327 calories a bowl and no added sugar, it’s a small treat without any of that christmassy excess.

(Note: because this is no-added-sugar, it isn’t overly sweet. If you want a sweeter version, sub the stevia in this recipe for 10-15mls of maple syrup.)


120g Oats
100g Raw Buckwheat Groats
1 Medium Orange
6tsp Granulated Stevia
80g Almonds (I used a mixture of flaked and Whole for mine)
1 Apple (I used Braeburn)
3tsp Ground Nutmeg (scant)
3tsp Ground Ginger
80g Raisins
30g Coconut Oil


1. Preheat oven to 180°C, and line a baking tray with foil. In a mixing bowl, mix together your oats, buckwheat, stevia, almonds, nutmeg, ginger and raisins.

2. Chop up your apple into small chunks and add to the mix. Cut your orange in half; slice one half of it into small segments and remove the peel, adding these segments to the mixing bowl. Juice the other half into the mixing bowl (or squeeze as much juice out of it as you can, really). Once this is done, remove the remaining flesh from inside the juiced orange and add to the mixing bowl.

3. Heat up your coconut oil in the microwave for 30(ish) seconds, until completely melted. Pour over everything in your mixing bowl and mix it all together thoroughly. Once completely mixed together, spoon out onto your baking tray and spread evenly. Put the tray in the oven and give it around 20 minutes (but keep an eye on it to make sure the edges don’t start to burn).

4. After 20 minutes, remove and give it a stir about. Then give it another 20-25 minutes in the oven (depending on how crunchy you like your granola) and remove. Allow to cool for 10 minutes and then portion up into 6 servings. It freezes really well so by all means chuck it in there if you don’t plan to eat it all in the next 2 weeks. Goes damn well with most plant milks but i personally recommend this with a big bowl of coconut yoghurt.

Enjoy the holidays guys! See you in the New Year.

Georgie x

Per Serving:

327 Calories
7.9g Protein
14.3g Fat
43.9g Carbs


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