Mini Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecakes

Bit of a mouthful, that title. Same size as one of these cheesecakes, actually.

I’m not a raw foodie but that doesn’t mean I don’t dig easy recipes. This recipe is damn easy and these cheesecakes bring out strong emotions in me.No refined sugar, no nasties, just good food. Let’s go.


50g Almonds (pro tip: buy these from your Indian/Asian/world food stores, they’re so much cheaper than in the supermarket and you support a local business too. It’s a win-win.)
50g Raw buckwheat groats
70g Dried, pitted dates
80g Cashews (see above about the buying nuts thing)
80g Strawberries
2tsp Stevia (optional, if you have a real sweet tooth.)


1. Soak cashews in water in the fridge overnight (if you’re not a raw vegan you can just boil them for 15 minutes instead, does the same job.)

2. Blend together the almonds, buckwheat and dates until fine, powdery and slightly sticky. Spoon into a cupcake tin (this recipe makes 12 cheesecakes so use one with 12 dips), and press down with the back of a teaspoon. Place into the freezer for a few hours.

3. In the meantime, drain your cashews and stick into the blender with your strawberries (this is where you add stevia if you fancy it). Blend until smooth. If like me, your blender is cheap and a bit under-powered, I find it useful to blend it as much as possible in a regular blender, then transfer it to a tall receptacle like a measuring jug and go to town on it with a hand blender.

4. Spoon out your strawberry cashew cream into the cupcake tin, and top with whatever you feel would look ace on your cheesecakes. I went for freeze-dried strawberries.

5. Freeze for 3+ hours, and serve whenever you feel like putting cheesecake in your face.

Per Serving:

97 Calories
2.7g Protein
5.1g Fat
10.8g Carbs


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