Raspberry & Coconut Oatmeal


Another day, another oatmeal recipe.

Sometimes, because I have absolutely no chill when it comes to coconut, I’ll throw some leftover coconut cream on top of this after I’ve heated it up. If you’re not as wild about coconut as I am, you can pass on this. If you are, however, also a bit crazy about coconut, go ahead and try this out because it gives me warm, happy feelings. Like a hug from a friendly coconut.

Raspberry & Coconut Oatmeal with cream


70g Oats
150ml Alpro coconut milk
100g Raspberries
2tsp Stevia
5g Desiccated coconut


1. Mix all ingredients bar desiccated coconut in a bowl.

2. Heat in microwave for desired amount of time- as someone who likes their oatmeal to have a firm, almost baked texture, I give mine about 2.5 minutes (1 min 30, stir, another min.)

3. Top with your desiccated coconut and enjoy. It’s that simple guys. Serves 1 because life is too short to go halves on breakfast.

Per Serving:

397 Calories
13.2g Protein
10.8g Fat
58.7g Carbs


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