Obligatory First Post

So I need to start somewhere! This is the first post on my recipe blog, TheHenchVegan. I’m pretty excited to be working on this, so before I get to into it, i’ll give a brief overview of what I’m going to be covering on here.

Before I went vegan, I got very into my fitness. Being a person eating up to 6,000 calories of rubbish a day (terrifying, I know), my mental and physical health were suffering, and I knew something had to be done. It was through calorie counting, running and developing a more positive, health-conscious relationship with food that I came to shift my excess weight (23lbs) and get down to a size that made me happier and more confident.

However, I love food. I am never truly full. So staying at that kind of weight was not where I wanted to be. My solution to this was to put it all back on- in muscle this time. I started lifting weights and slowly bulking up again, and have absolutely loved it. I feel stronger, more capable, and even happier with my appearance than I was before!

Now here’s where I had an issue. After watching Cowspiracy (if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do), the decision to go vegan- a decision which, before that point, had never really been considered- seemed a no-brainer. I started cutting out animal products bit by bit, learning where I could go out to eat and what to avoid, and the satisfaction of reaching this point and then maintaining it was only tarnished by the constant, constant issues I had with balancing veganism with my fitness needs.

Now what I’m not saying here is that vegans don’t ‘get enough protein’, or spend every day munching on lettuce and other such greens. That has not been the problem. The problem has been finding recipes that are both vegan-friendly and calorie/macro-friendly. Let’s be honest, we all love our vegan curries, but when you’re staring down a can of coconut cream thinkingĀ “how much fat?!” it can be a little bit of a headache.

So after filling up my phone’s Notes app with an excess of calorie-counted, macro-friendly recipes, I have decided that they really ought to be put to use by someone other than myself. So as of now, I am going to be posting a couple of recipes every week or so- there will be more oatmeal recipes than a person will ever need, lots of high-protein dinners for the fitness-conscious, and every so often i’ll write a little personal post about the interesting ingredients I’ve found and experiences I’ve had on the way to becoming theĀ most difficult person to cater for, ever.

Let’s get started!

Georgie x


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